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Dr. Meurs Contact Information

Dr. Meurs Contact Information

If you have a cat that has developed HCM, or one that has been lost to HCM, and it has tested negative for the Ragdoll Mutation and Maine Coon mutation through her DNA test, and you have an echo, or necropsy proving that it has/had HCM and you would like to send in for the DNA Ragdoll Research project, please send it to the address listed below with your contact information listed along with any other information that you deem important.

Dr. Kate Meurs
NC State University (NCSU)
Veterinary Cardiac Genetics Laboratory
Raleigh, North Carolina

Dr. Meurs will then contact you for any further information, blood samples, etc. that she might require.

To contact Dr. Meurs for HCM cats, please go to Veterinary Cardiac Genetics lab/NCSU  















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