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2007 Contributors

  $500-$999 $1000-$2999  $3000-$4999 $5000 & Up donated
Century Club Members - Contributions of $100 or more

AMOUNT DONATED FOR 2007:  $10,848.03

Money is needed to be donated all YEAR ROUND to keep this research going!
All monies must be received by December 15th to get this year's tax deduction

Ragdoll Congress DVD Sales 
Ragdoll Central
Linda Woodward (For Dr. K. Roset & Akira’s 8mo son’s memory)
Lorrie Keila
Beatrice and Charles Dore'
Jane Tye-Balter
Montserrat Brugal & Jaume Rius
Elyse & Steve Adams
Amy Lacombe (Wimsayclay)
Christine Salib
Beatrice and Charles Dore'
Keiko Haraguchi 
Cindy DeWolfe  (In Honor of Sandy's Ragdoll Bandit)
Blossom Cheverie
Beatrice and Charles Dore'
Carol & Stuart Jaquez (In Memory of Lyn's beautiful boy Kona)
Dave Chambers
Kimberly Neubauer
Mirjam Schroevers
Blossom Cheverie
Mary Zinnecker Designs
Dana Pendergraph
Maine Coon Alliance 
Eric & Jill Drobny
Beatrice and Charles Dore'
Elaine Smith
Nancy & Dave Huilt 
Connie Walter
Traditional Ragdoll Cat Society/UK 
Sherry Kensinger
Stuart & Carol Jaquez (In loving memory of Kona)
Corinne Graham-Risch
Kristi Dickinson
Pamela Waldron
Gale Ribera
Patricia L Keller
Shoni Sills
Janet Gruhala
David Porter
Linda Kauffman
Dawn Moline
Faith Marie Smith
Joni Haas (In memory of Kris' baby boy; Skye Dreams)
Kathleen Burke
Blossom Cheverie
Sandra Breeden
Patricia Mattos
Marian Griffin
Jenny Satyavelu
Wendy Huppe

Amy Stadter
Karen Wright
Lori McLaughlin
Delaynna Trim
Isabelle Bellavance
Marta-Reme Pérez-Lozao
Joyce Horner
James M Jones
Michael & Jane Szymanski
Shelly Tierney
Gemma CCM Smulders
Stormi Nell
Kelly Efaw
Jill Hill
Michelle Bumbarger
Jan & Karen Henson
Kathryn Arce 
Christine Savoie
Linda Sidor
Rosanna Blandino
Anne Paul
Lori McLaughlin
Gemma CCM Smulders
Shelly Tierney
Ilene Harlicker
Jane Szymanski
Mirjam Schroevers
Antoinette Sandstedt
Mary Merrifield
Elise & Gary Cooper
Barbara Hockett
Edie Casey
Lynne Chmelar
Janet Barry
Cliff & Mary Riddell
Jill Hill
Mark & Peggy Schidler
Laura Sabourin  
Russ & Samantha Weldon
Denise Cuzzupe
Nancy & Dave Hilit
Kimberly Neubauer
Karen Hoppe
Willem-Jan van den Eijkhof
Mark Whitaker
Laura Sakos (In memory of Amadeus)
Bill & Sue Shorey
Jill Hopper
Caroline Snow
Kay & Helen Skougis (In memory of Razzle)
Jan & Karen Henson




2007 Auction Results

Thank you to everyone that made this auction a success.  We brought in $2398.00

Donated By
Winning Bidder
Winning Bid
 Cat Window Art  Deanna Gibson Anne Paul  35.00
 Garden Flag  Deanna Gibson  Mirjam Schroevers  25.00
 Petsmart $50 Gift Card  Deanna Gibson  Jill Hopper  62.00  Mary Zinnecker  Stormi Nell  70.00
 Kitty Travel Dish  Deanna Gibson  Marta/Reme Perez  15.00
 Cats in History Shirt  Tim/Shelley Tierney  Delaynna Trim  18.00
 Ragdoll Mug  Marta/Reme Perez  Isabelle Bellevance  20.00
 Ragdoll Mug  Marta/Reme Perez  Cristine Savoie  20.00
 Ragdoll Mug  Marta/Reme Perez  Isabelle Bellevance  20.00
 Ragdoll Mug  Marta/Reme Perez Kelly Efaw  20.00
 Cat Food Dish  Deanna Gibson  Marian Griffin  10.00
 Venetian Cat Mask  Tina Testen  Caroline Snow  25.00
 Wood Ragdoll Clock  Nancy Stuck  Michelle Baumbarger 251.00
 Ragdoll Picture  Dani Schacht  Jenny Satyavelu  60.00
 Cat Hammock  Kelly Efaw  Anne Paul  55.00
 Painted Key Holder  Kim Jennings  Lori McLaughlin  16.00
 Follow Dreams Painting  Kim Jennings  Joyce Horner  20.00
 Bless This House Painting  Kim Jennings  Joyce Horner  20.00
 Joy Painting  Kim Jennings  Dawn Moline   5.00
 Meow Town Bungalow  Bill/Sue Shorey  Linda Sidor  50.00
 Fleece Cat Beds  Cori Cherok  Karen Wright  55.00
 Tent  Cori Cherok  Tracie Jones  35.00
 Kitten Climber  Rachel Zimmer  Jane Szymanski  45.00
 American Girl Doll  Virginia Shages  Rose Blandino  50.00
 American Girl Cat Items  Virginia Shages  Rose Blandino  50.00
 Ladies Hoodie  Purrfect Stitch  Ilene Harlicker  65.00
 Cat Face Sweatshirt  Purrfect Stitch  Jill Hill  50.00
 Kitty Comfort Package  Cheryl Kehner  Tracie Jones  50.00
 Ragdoll Photo Matt  Rachel Zimmer  Wendy Huppe  30.00
 Turkey Dinner  Jill Hill  Scott  45.00
 Camera  Wendy Huppe  Anne Paul 125.00
 Goodie Basket  Jill Edwards, Kathy Burke,
 Jill Hill, Christie Lyons, Judy Mackey
 Karen Wright 111.00
 Climber  PussiCat Climbing  Linda Sidor 180.00
 Website Design  Suzette Garey  Pat Mattos  80.00
 Laurel Burch  Jill Hill  Tim Tierney  85.00
 Cat Bed 1  Dawn Moline  Kathryn Arce  80.00
 Cat Bed 2  Dawn Moline  Mary Merrifield  55.00
 Feline Husbandry Book  Bea Dore'  Gemma Smulders  95.00
 Laure Burch Tote/Purse  Susan Archer  Linda Kauffman 100.00
 Cat Tie  Tina Testen  Tracie Jones  15.00
 Cat Wall Hanging  Tina Testen  Blossom Cheverie  10.00
 Three Cat Sweatshirt  Purrfect Stitch  Wendy Huppe  60.00
 Cat Bed Set  Jill Hopper  Sandy Breeden  45.00
 Butterfly Cat Bed  Jill Hopper  Kathy Burke  65.00
 Photo Collection  Charming Elements  Not Sold
 Congress Gift Bags (2)  Carol Jaquez  Not Sold 
 Paintings (2)  Kim Jennings  Not Sold

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