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If you are planning on buying a Ragdoll as a breeder or just as a beloved pet, please be sure that your Ragdoll is negative for each of the known HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy) mutations that have been found in cats so far.  There is the RD mutation, which has been found in only Ragdolls to date, and the MC mutation which has been found in Maine Coons but has also been found in a few Ragdolls.

Make sure that the breeders that you purchase your kitten from can show you proof that parents of your Ragdoll are negative for the HCM mutation.  This will ensure that your kitten is negative.  If one of the parents is carrying the mutation, then your kitten will need to be tested to be sure that it did not inherit the mutation. 

Saying that they are scanning or are screening their ragdolls is not enough.  Make sure that they have done an HCM DNA test.  A DNA test is the only way to know that your ragdoll is not carrying the deadly HCM mutation.

A Ragdoll can be carrying one mutation (heterozygous) or two mutations (homozygous).  Either mutation can be a killer and you want to have a Ragdoll that is negative from any known mutations.


For further information about testing your Ragdoll to see if it is carrying either the RD mutation or the MC mutation please contact:

NCSU Veterinary Cardiac Genetics Laboratory

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